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WIP of BBC Sherlock. Needed to get my daily doodle done before the day ended and he ended up being my character of choice today. Not to thrilled with the handwritten text but it’s improvement since classes ended and it’s a start i suppose.

color will be added soon but for now enjoy  :)


We just got a “winter storm watch” that’s going to last till Saturday for the Midwest area I’m in…..this is my current reaction after going to college in Savannah, GA for a few years…you get use to the warm weather and less adaptable to the cold haha….

We’ll see how much snow that falls is actually going to stick on the ground….around here school gets cancelled due to an inch or two of snow…up north in my state I still went to school…(we’ve moved around a lot so when classes get cancelled just because of a few inches I laugh a bit.)

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